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Adidas X15 Primeknit
Chaos doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. Adidas have fitted their new and revolutionising X15 with a Primeknit upper, so you get the ultimate fit experience and can take on defenders with maximal lockdown.
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Adidas' expectation shattering X15 is made with the brilliantly stabilising X-cage, so you can pull off the moves that conventional players consider madness.
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The rebel on the pitch demands an unwavering grip. The X-Claw let's you do the unpredictable and ignite the game.
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Techfit Collar
The adidas X15 is fitted with the Tech Fit Collar, so the most chaotic players feel at one with their boots and can push them to the limit.
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Adidas are relentless in their pursuit of 'the world's best fit and have now fitted their X15, with the woven Primeknit material.
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The X15's outsole and stud-construction is specially built to withstand the strain of playing on artificial grass. You can therefore freely wear them on both AG and FG surfaces, without jeopardising your own, or your boots health.
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