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Adidas ACE15 Primeknit
Exquisite control just got the Primeknit treatment, as adidas look to make the elegant Ace15.1 boot even more comfortable. The woven upper will be found on the adidas revolution and give players the tools to boss any team.
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Control Web
Bekomme den ultimativen Touch und Grip am Ball mit dem revolutionären adidas Control Web.
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Non-stop grip
The Ace15.1 also has the Non-Stop Grip technology to even further enhance the boots grip on the ball.
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Einzigartige Stollenkonfiguration
Alles am Ace15 handelt um Kontrolle. Selbst die Stollen des Schuhes erhöhen deine Kontrolle über den Ball.
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Adidas are relentless in their pursuit of 'the world's best fit and have now fitted their Ace15, with the woven primeknit material.
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By combining regular studs with several small spikes, the ACE15's groundbreaking TotalTontrol stud-configuration makes the boot suitable for use on both firm ground surfaces and artificial grass.
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